Christina Elise Perry


Christina Elise Perry is a New York based actor focused in classic American works and reenacting epic blockbuster films. Highlighted theatrical roles include: May from Sam Shepard’s "Fool for Love," Linda in Eric Bogosian’s "Talk Radio," and Susan in the new adaptation of "Wait Until Dark." Perry is also a Producer and member of the Usual Rejects, a group of comedic actors who stage parody readings of their favorite films. Exploring and exploiting the messy and beautiful human condition is her specialty.




Venus and Mona
March 17, 2013

"What will happen next?  Who will live and who will die?  It's a tense and fascinating ending that I recommend you experience for yourself. It's refreshing to hear dialogue that is so up to date, aggressive, bratty and also vulnerable. This play which has no males onstage is a special opportunity to see female characters who have overcome adversity to find their own way in life, yet enjoy the chance to bond using their unique language."
- Ed Malin

Fool for Love
February 25, 2011

Leslie Bramm · NY Theatre - February 25, 2011
"...As May, Christina Elise Perry is amazing. In the hands of a lesser actor May would be an easy role to overact. Perry finds a perfedt balance and restraint, showing us May's range and her hurt. She's beautiful, but lets herself go to ugly places in her heart, and you believe her.
- Leslie Bramm · NY Theatre - February 25, 2011


Reviews for Project Girl Performance Collective "Voices of a Generation" and Fringe Festival "Survival of the Fittest"

"This Girl Power Ensemble indeed represents the voice of a generation. Hear them roar!"
 -Theater Talk's New Theater Corps

"Gritty and honest, GirlPower is sure to encourage postperformance discussion among audience members of all ages and genders."
- Time Out NY

"It was inspiring to see bright, confident young women holding forth onstage." - The New Yorker

"We're lucky that theatre is going to be left in their [Project Girl Performance Collective] generation's capable hands."