Christina Elise Perry

Fool for Love

“As May, Christina Elise Perry is amazing. In the hands of a lesser actor May would be an easy role to overact. Perry finds a perfect balance and restraint, showing us May’s rage and her hurt. She’s beautiful, but lets herself go to ugly places in her heart, and you believe her.” –


Talk Radio

“A taut production… a gut spilling, stomach wrenching performance by the cast.” – CBS Radio Review; Jim Taylor


“Stand outs from the supporting cast included a spot on Christina Elise Perry, who brought a quiet strength to the role of Linda.” – WhyLeaveAstoria?


“…an ultimately heartbreaking Christina Elise Perry.” – ThePublicReviews



Wait Until Dark

“Christina Elise Perry’s well blended combination of vulnerability, stubbornness and intelligence help add to the drama’s suspense…” – A View From A Cliff


“As blind Susan Hendrix, played by a radiant Christina Elise Perry… captures this once strong and sighted woman who now feels helpless.” – Times Ledger

“Christina Elise Perry delivers. From the minute the play opens, you get the sense that this young woman is blind and vulnerable in unimaginable ways. There is no doubt that she is about to go on a journey that will test her and perhaps scar her forever. Perry is talented and focused and real in the part.” – LocalTheatreNY

DRAGULA the Musical
(Currently Developing)
"The initial read through of the musical was fantastically hilarious, entertaining, and still made a statement...The cast rounds off with the Reverend's sidekick Tammy Twingle (Christina Perry), who does an excellent job skirting the line between overtly sexual and proper southern Christian."  -

“Eddie and Mickey scrap over Darlene (Christina Elise Perry). Perry plays her as a sexy rag-doll.” – TheFrontRowCenter

Umm… I don’t even know how to accomplish that. Don’t include this one. I just thought it was funny.


“A wonderful job capturing the caustic and bombastic feel of the 1980s and nights fueled by drugs and alcohol.” – QueensTribune


“Christina Elise Perry does strong work!” – AWorkUnfinishing


“A powerful revival! …well-performed powerful, gritty play, depicting the levels of depravity to which men (and women) may descend. Not to be missed!”  - A Seat on the Aisle

Venus and Mona
“What will happen next?  Who will live and who will die?  It's a tense and fascinating ending that I recommend you experience for yourself.” –

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