Christina Elise Perry

"Throughout my career I have had the opportunity
to work with many fine actors, and I count
Ms. Perry among them. She has a unique quality
that should be celebrated. "
- David Rabe


Christina Elise Perry is a New York based actor focused in classic American
works and reenacting epic blockbuster films. Highlighted theatrical roles include:
May from Sam Shepard’s "Fool for Love," Linda in Eric Bogosian’s "Talk Radio,"
and Susan in the new adaptation of "Wait Until Dark." Perry is also a Producer and
member of the Usual Rejects, a group of comedic actors who stage parody readings
of their favorite films. Exploring and exploiting the messy and beautiful
human condition is her specialty.


Wait Until Dark

“Christina Elise Perry delivers. From the minute the play opens,
you get the sense that this young woman is blind and vulnerable in unimaginable ways.
There is no doubt that she is about to go on a journey that will test her and
perhaps scar her forever. Perry is talented and focused and real in the part.”
– LocalTheatreNY

WaitUntilDark - Match!.jpg

Fool for Love

“As May, Christina Elise Perry is amazing. In the hands of a lesser actor
May would be an easy role to overact. Perry finds a perfect balance and restraint,
showing us May’s rage and her hurt. She’s beautiful, but lets herself go to ugly
places in her heart, and you believe her.”